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Nessa app :D

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Nessa app :D

Post by Nessa on Fri Sep 25, 2009 1:13 am

Nessa Very Happy is my name

Nessa will be my main toon.

Uhm i have Nesuh, Nesuhms, Ness as alts.

United States is where i was born Very Happy

I live in Minnesnoowda, usa xD

I am 17 Very Happy

I have played retail forever. Back before TBC. I have 2 80s, one on Kael'Thas (80 Hunter) and one on Garona (80 mage). I have done the whole raiding sceene.. didnt like it. WoW without Gm is boring haha.

I can be available after school during the weekdays. (3-10pm central time) & alot more on the weekends if im not busy Very Happy

Each day i can be available to GM for couple hours. Depends on my homework and soocer D:

I have alot alot alot of Gm Experience. First server i ever GM'd on was WoW-Sexy, back when WoWscape was #1 and Saad was the ceo. Some others i've Gm'd are Execution WoW, DemonicWoW, Dark Effectz, Sacred WoW, Enclaved WoW. I have alot of experience.

Look above for where i've Gm'd and that is only a portion of the list. I am used to Oldschool Emu, Antrix, and ArcEmu.

Uhm WoW Sexy was 100+ ea day. Execution WoW was around 100 ea day, and the rest were in the 10-50's each day. None REALLY popular servers D:

I was on WoW Sexy for 6+ months, Execution WoW for 3 monthsish and the others servers for around a month or so. Alot of them never stayed up for more than 2 or 3 months. No prooof, because ive deleted my WoW folders so many times D:

Uhmm Bio Tiime Very Happy My name is nessa, im 17 and looove music. If Music was a man, it would be my husband. I play soccer and love to chill with friends in my free time Very Happy I am very friendly and love to help people. Without helping people, WoW isnt the same for me.

I've been part of the community for awhileish, and love the people here Very Happy I have alot to offer and think i would be a good Gm Very Happy

I believe i would be a good Gm because im very friendly and i love to help people. I have alot of expierince and love to help people beyond belief Very Happy

I am friendly and love to talk to people, i will get to know everyone very well Very Happy

Most important thing about being a Gm is getting along wtih everyone, if you dont get along. It can screw up and rama happens.

Blinq, Xanthous Very Happy, XyR, TumTUm Very Happy

No problem with authority. No drunk im not officcer!

I have no problem with being proffesional. This app reflects my personality, not my grammer haha. Very Happy

GET POPULAR, Get on like 20 top wow sites and we can voote like ballers Very Happy

If an event got out of control, i would take the person that is making me mad and summon them to somewhere away from anyone else and warn them then summon them back. If they keep it up, i would disclude them from the event. If then they get mad and swear at me, i would give them 1 more warning. If they keep it up, a kiick. If then they really dont like me, 20 min ban and report it to admin.

Noo, the forum is great Very Happy

I have vent install, no mic. Should get one though xD

Msn= AIM= lolitsNESSA

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Game Master

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Re: Nessa app :D

Post by Xanthous on Fri Sep 25, 2009 1:16 am

Thanks for applying again Nessa but we were. Going to reformat the format to a more Strict guideline..

Ah well I'll accept you back anyways I think as long as you attend my first Lua class; Lua 101.
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Server Owner

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Re: Nessa app :D

Post by Binball on Fri Sep 25, 2009 1:24 am

yea i agree with xanth, i accept you back aswell, we liked you here Razz


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Re: Nessa app :D

Post by Sponsored content

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