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gm application

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gm application

Post by dendudes123 on Sat Aug 22, 2009 8:51 pm

name: danny steenbergen
location doetinchem, the netherlands

Q: When did you become interested in this field and what have you
learned about it that has further stimulated your interest?
I have always been interested in it I just never had any kind of oppertunity to do it.

Q: Do you have any previous experience with being a Staff Member? If
so, where and what was your position?
I iven been a gamemaster on a other pirvateserver but the server stopped.

Q: What were the reasons of you leaving, being fired or banned from
that server and position?
i have never been banned from anything. And i would never leave solid i love this game and i have too many friends on here to abandon them.

Q: Have you had to overcome any unusual obstacles or hardships (for
example, economic, family, or physical) in your life?
i i were outside 3 guys came to me and hold a knife to my neck
i the house wash in fire hard to escape
i and my gandpa got cancer my favorite grandpa

Q: What skills do you possess, that would help you in the position
you're applying for and our community?
I am good at networking and internet issues. I dont know many of the Staff members like i would like to but i would like to get to know everyone not just the staff members, the players too.

Q: Why might you be a stronger candidate and more successful and
effective in the profession or field than other applicants?
I am willing and able to help players with questions about wow. I like to help people by making things for them like bags and armor, just little stuff that i can do to help anyone out.

Q: Our main language on this server is English and expect our staff to
understand it and speak it well. Do you see this being a problem?
No, it's not a problem it's the only language i speak.

Q: Have you ever been on 'ignore' with someone? If so, the reason why?
No, i have not.

Q: How often can you work being a GM each day? If not each day please
explain your play time schedule for a week.
I can be on everyday im most of time online in the morning 11pm or 12 pm or in the midday some times evening

Q: What server time hours will be be willing to work each day? Please
remember that we will expect you to be active as you say you will be?
Server times would be between. im away from 9pm till most of times in the midday if summer is over

Q: Have you ever gotten a warning from our fellow Staff? If so, what
was the reason?
No i have never gotten a warning from the staff or anyone else.

Please think about how you would handle such situations such as...

Someone asking you for spells/abilities/items
I would help them if it was Class items that was bugged. But i would not give them something just because they wanted it.

If a player comes to you saying someone is disrespecting another, what
would you do?
I would ask both players what was going on then if one is disrespecting the other i would ask them kindly to stop.

This spell/quest/npc is bugged. Can you help me?
I can complete the quest for the person but i can not fix the missing NPCs.

A player keeps killing me, what should i do?
Warn the player that is doing the killing or camping and if they continue to do it i would ban them for the day.

A player is swearing or complaining (non stop), how would you handle
Warn the player that wont stop swearing and/or complaining and if they do not stop i would ban them for the day.

Also, please think about how you would handle it if someone doesn't
speak english, for it does happen.
i would talk to them using a translator or ask them to use the one google has

thanks for reading this gm application Very Happy


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Re: gm application

Post by Xanthous on Sun Aug 23, 2009 12:47 am

Please use the correct application format and read the Rules next time.


Remake the application with above details.
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