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Relicx's GM app :)

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Relicx's GM app :)

Post by Relicx on Sat Aug 22, 2009 7:17 am

What's your name? Carl

Whats your Primary Character's name? Will be Relicx

Please name any other chars/Alts: None yet.

Country of Origin? United States

Current Location? Home :p

How old are you? 17

Have you played Official/Retail World of Warcraft and if so, How long you have played Official/Retail World of Warcraft? Yes, I have 2 computers, 1 for playing Retail and 1 for playing private servers. (So i can keep 1 at the patch of the server I enjoy playing.) I have a level 80 rogue on Skywall.

What times you can be available as GM? Anytime, I will be very active on the realm, Even if my app is denied.

How much time each day you can be available as GM? Almost all day, I play way too much :X

You have any previous a Game master experience? Yes, Many times.

If yes to the above question, where? WoWFrost, MilkWoW, Frozen Throne, And also MANY hamachi servers (Most I cannot remember the names of.)

What was their average population? Not very big, maybe 30-40 players online.. Sometimes more.

How long were you a GM/other role their for? If you have any proof (screen shots and the like) please post them (links to them would be easier than a direct post). Not having proof will NOT hurt your chances of becoming a GM here. I played on WoWFrost the most, Until one day my computer was stolen and I was no longer able to play. No proof but I have no reason to lie.

Please write a small Bio about yourself: I'm not very strict unless i need to be, I'm a laid back person but always follow the rules.

Whats your reason to become a GM on Uniquecraft? I just like to help in any way I can, I am very active and wouldn't helping.

What makes you believe that you would be a good GM? Because I have been GM many times before and I am usually liked by many people, And the amount of time I plan on putting into playing here.

What additions could you make (or you do already) in our community? Not really sure, basically whatever I am asked to do I guess.

Whats the most important thing about being a GM? Following instructions from higher rankings, Helping, Following server rules and keeping a clean enviroment for all ages.

We need one GM or Admin that will vouch for you, please name one (note: we will check with this person.): I do not have one, Maybe I will some other time, who knows Smile

Do you have any problems with the authority? No.

Do you have any problems with being Professional including proper spelling and grammar? If yes, please explain. No i do not.

If you want to submit a suggestion for us, what would it be? None at the moment, Will post one if I think of something.

Events can get out of control, how would you pull a situation under control if it went bad? First figure out what is causing the event to go out of control and try to restore order.

Do you have any suggestions or concerns for how our forum is laid out? No, seems fine with me.

Do you have ventrilo installed and a mic? Yes

Do you have any other contact details we may need to know? I prefer to be contacted by in-game mail or on the forums.

Any other information you want us to know? Gnomes are short.

I know it may be wierd to apply for GM before I've played but I just wanted to get my app in early, the server is currently down.

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Re: Relicx's GM app :)

Post by Binball on Sat Aug 22, 2009 4:47 pm

Denied. Please read the rules before applying.


^This picture is clickable.

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