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Forbidance's Dev. App!

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Forbidance's Dev. App!

Post by forbidance on Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:51 pm

1 Real Name:
Mark Morgan
2 Real Age:
3 Retail Yes or No? If yes what character and realm?:
use too but for the past 2 1/2 years only PS
4 How long have you played WoW?:
Almost 4 or so years
5 How long Have you Played Private Servers?:
2 1/2 years Razz

=== ===
Dev Section
=== ===
1: Do you know all ArcEmu/Ascent commands?:
Ram my own PS called FightCraft for almost a year was in the top 20 of Top 200 list But harddrive failure led to a break down Sad
2: What servers have you either Dev'd Or Gm'd on?(links please and ingame name)
My own ( Fightcraft ) Friends ( BlackBox WoW) and was a Heavy Donor with gm powers in Shoupz WoW ( name was Hael )
3: Why did you leave?:
well u know what happen to my server but friend quit so i started my own and before that on Shoupz Too many in-mature kids got GM and of corse there ranked like 40 on the top 100 now because of that Smile
4: Is anyone from the staff/server recommending you?:
5: What is your knowledge of MySql Database?:
Almost everything from editing to creating new DB's
6: Do you know how to utilize Lua++/Lua and Sun++?:
Yes, I am quite fond of Lua but not so much of Sun++
7: (Not related to Dev but) How do you get a ticket *WITH CHANNEL NAME*?:
.gmticket get Then /join gm_sync_channel Alot easier with the addons though Razz
8: Staff have to be your English and grammar at least 90% clear?:
I hope So Razz lol
9: Do you know another language that might help other players?:
Very little spanish lol
10: Other Coding Languages:
C+-some, Lua
11: Can you Create Blizzlike items, and bosses, that have lore behind them and are not OP.
Of Course
12: Additional Info
Well ur quiestions about asked it all lol but im friendly and very active about 10 hours a day and im Trustworthy thats always important Razz
13: What is the job of Developer? What is most important about their aspects?
To keep the DB as updated and as clean of bugs as possible so that players may enjoy the PS.
14: Last what is a DMCA...:
Digital Millennium Copyright Act - It criminalizes production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures that control access to copyrighted works. Thats is if ur caught lol just kidding

If you need a Ventrilo Server I have my own Up and Running Just Let me know

and dont forget 1234 Smile Cheers and I hope to talk to you soon

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Re: Forbidance's Dev. App!

Post by Binball on Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:34 am

Accepted! Welcome to the UniqueCraft team! Throw your MSN up in the staff lounge so we can all chat.

Binball - Head-GM
Xanthous - Server Owner


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